Welcome New Cascadia Poetics Lab Board Members!

Thank you to those who attended our first AGM on Sunday, July 22. This is an exciting time for us as we grow as a society. If you have not renewed your membership, please contact our new treasurer Sophie Gilmore (sophiegee9@gmail.com) to pay your dues ($5) by Aug 30. Your memberships help support our literary endeavours, bringing talented and engaging Cascadian poets to the community for readings, workshops, and dialogue.

Next year’s AGM will take place earlier in the year (late Feb / early March) to accommodate our fiscal year. Memberships will be due at that time. It is a slightly truncated year this time around, and annually after that time. Thank you for your patience as we reorganize.

We are pleased to announce our new board:

Adelia MacWilliam, president
Sophie Gilmore, treasurer
Danika Dinsmore, secretary
Carla Stein, member at large
Louie Stevenson, member at large
Ed Varney, member at large

Thank you Ed Varney for your work as treasurer for the past year.

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