Kim Goldberg Undetectable

Make It True poet Kim Goldberg, one of the few poets who have attended all three Cascadia Poetry festivals, has a new book about her struggle to overcome Hepatitis 3. From her Facebook page:

Kim Goldberg

Thrilled to receive orders for 4 copies of UNDETECTABLE today. Undetectable is my haibun travel diary written during my 12 weeks of Hepatitis C treatment and cure last year. Orders from libraries have been rolling in since Mary Ann Moore‘s review of my book came out in the Vancouver Sun last month.

The book is a lyrical mediation on all things undetectable as I wandered the streets and forests of Nanaimo during my 84 days of treatment – from the now-bulldozed Nanaimo Indian Hospital and all that went on there for more than 20 years, to the weathered remnants of the Japanese herring saltery & shipyard on Newcastle Island prior to the notorious Internment of Japanese-Canadian citizens during WW2. Read Mary Ann Moore’s review here:…/books/review-undetectable)Kim Goldberg Undetectable cover

$19 with free shipping anywhere in North America (add $10 for shipping overseas).

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