Cascadia in the L.A. Times

David McCloskey, the “Father of Cascadia” was quoted extensively in an article that was part bioregion/part disaster speculation. From the article:

McCloskey L.A. TimesFor those wondering whether Cascadia means an ideal place to live, or a potential disaster zone…: “You have to have risk and benefit in focus at the same time.”

That aligns very much with what McCloskey says.

While he is unhappy that, for some people, Cascadia has suddenly become shorthand for death and destruction, McCloskey welcomes having more people recognize the power of the “energy field” of Cascadia.

“This is part of the long process of getting grounded here in the ongoing life of the wider, deeper place,” he wrote in an email.

Click on the image for the link to the L.A. Times article.

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