A Tale of Magicians That Puffed Up Money Until It Lost Its Puff (Kaia Sand)

From Make It True poet Kaia Sand:

I am so pleased to announce the release of my new book, A Tale of Magicians Who Puffed Up Money that Lost Its Puff. Designer Jeff Sanner has added surprise magic to early pre-ordered copies! Thank you to Susan M. Schultz for making this happen, and to Carolyn Forché, Maged Zaher, and Robin Hahnel for beautiful blurbs. Here’s theTinfish write-up: “For over a decade now, Kaia Sand has been making magic with her ethical documentary poetry and prose around our globe’s fragile ecology, economies and sites of resistance. In her first Tinfish Press book, Remember to Wave, published in 2010, she wrote about the secret histories of north Portland, Oregon where Japanese Americans were warehoused before they were sent inland to be interned, and where African American workers were squeezed into housing built on a flood plain. Her work is radically interdisciplinary, encompassing collage, the craft of sewing and metal work, and (in A Tale of Magicians That Puffed Up Money Until It Lost Its Puff) a magic show that explains the 2008 crash to children young and old. This combination of serious whimsy characterizes Sand’s work and is unique in contemporary American poetry.”


Bio: Kaia Sand is the the author of Remember to Wave (Tinfish Press 2010), and interval (Edge Books 2004), a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year, and she co-authored Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry and Public Space (Palm Press 2008) with Jules Boykoff. She documents her investigative poetry projects and installations at http://kaiasand.net/

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