2016 Cascadia Regional Poetry Slam


Rain City Slam, Seattle Poetry Slam, Olympia People’s Mic and the Cascadia Poetry Festival bring you the biggest regional slam tournament the Pacific Northwest has ever seen.

The 2016 Cascadia Regional Poetry Slam brings together 8 teams from all over the Northwest to compete in a two day tournament the region’s finest performance poetry.

Friday: Prelims! Two slams of 4 teams each compete for a chance at finals. Top 2 teams move on.

Saturday: Finals! Top 4 teams compete for a shot of Cascadia Poetry Slam champions!

Competing teams include Seattle Poetry Slam, Rain City Slam, Olympia People’s Mic, Vancouver Poetry Slam, Portland Poetry Slam, Spokane Poetry Slam, Boise Poetry Slam, and Slamlandia.

What’s a poetry slam? A poetry slam is a competitive poetry event wherein poets share performed poetry to an audience and five randomly selected judges. Judges rate each poem 0-10 based on content, performance and originality. There are three rules to a poetry slam:

1. Poets must perform their own original work.
2. Poems must be performed without props, costumes or musical accompaniment.
3. Poems must be 3 mintues or under (with a 10 second grace period). Points will deducted if poems go over this time limit.





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