CPF-Cumberland Sept 2017

The Cascadia Poetics LAB presents the Cumberland Poetry Festival, September 8-10, 2017, in Cumberland, BC, at various venues.

The lineup is being confirmed at this time, but will include Stephen Collis (Vancouver), Sarah de Leeuw (Prince George & Kelowna, BC), Jan Zwicky (Quadra Island), Matt Rader (Comox, Kelowna), Lucia Misch (Vancouver), Jerry Martien (Eureka, CA), Nadine Maestas (Seattle), Kevin Paul (Saanich) and George Bowering (Vancouver).

Working titles of the two panels include:

  1. The Poetics of Resistance
  2. Becoming Cascadian

Adelia MacWilliam is Festival Director, working with Paul E Nelson, Ed Varney, Dan Kirk, Bette Kosmolak, Joe Ziner & others, in partnership with SPLAB.